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Master Your Mind ​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​VIP Members Forum

Come and Join Me for the Opportunity to become the Greatest version of Yourself imaginable. Commune with like-minded Souls, all embarking on the same journey of truth, Reflection and Purpose.

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Personal Development

Personal Growth and Development is the key to our our own indivdual evolution as a spiritual being. My tailor made programs are designed to develop you gently while allowing time for you to adapt and soak up eveything the process has to offer.

Master Your Mind VIP Members Forum...

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Online Community

Join the online community in the safety of knowing you are chatting with like minded individuals.  Chat through concepts and ideas with friends, and join us on Facebook for live events.

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Extra content

Master You Mind Members have access to the latest content as it becomes available. Also, some extra content, downloads and special audio files will be made available to members at no extra cost.

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Interactive Content

Joins me for special workshops and group dialin's to help you gain different perspectives on special topics throughout the year. Like any great community, what you put into it, you often get out of it.

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Additional Activities

Master You Mind Members will recieve weekly emails, with video content to watch, exclusive perspectives to understand, and with additional instuctions, processes and homework to undertake each week.

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Have access to ask me questions and work through scenarios with me. I want to be able to support you on your journey, so you know that you have a guiding hand to help you through the difficult moments. 




Get two months free with every yearly subscription.

That's more than 15% off.

52 weeks of the most intuitive life changing personal and spiritual developement on the planet. 




Eveything you could ask for for your spiritual growth and development for the cost of one weeks coffee's.

I spend more than that for one days parking in the city.

You won't regret it. 

What's The Best Plan For You?

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Why Waste 10 Years Figuring It All Out For Yourself.

Everything I have learned over the past 10 years is right here in this V.I.P Exclusive members area

Come and join us all-
in the journey, as I show you how to master your words, thoughts, and emotions to achieve everything you have ever dreamt of.

   Weekly videos to progress your personal development

  Exclusive Pre-release access to new and upcoming material

  Exclusive access to special deals not seen by the public

  Ask me questions and communicate with like-minded others

  For a short time only: 50-minute consultation session with me
                        (with every yearly subscription)

"Availability of information when you need it the most is the key to personal success."

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Access my content where ever and when ever you need to.

From your computer, mobile or tablet or listen to it all in your car. 

What you need to 
hear, when you need to hear it. It's completely within your control.

Exclusive access to new materials, videos, books, and programs. Your membership will keep you ahead of the crowd and you can access it from wherever you are ( at work, home, or on holiday ) anywhere in the world you have an internet connection. You will hear everything first.

Exclusive Deals that are only available to ‘Master Your Mind – Members Online’ subscribers. These deals will be great discounts on Books, Programs, Audio and My Major Events weekends and Intimate Weekend Retreats. These special deals will not be made available to the general public. This will provide $100’s worth of value alone. 

‘Master Your Mind – Members Online’ subscribers will also get exclusive free access to certain material as and when it is developed, keeping you up to date with the latest opportunities to keep ahead of the crowd. Early access to material and teachings is invaluable, and cannot be ignored. 

A Free 50 minute Phone Consultation with you to help dive into your specific needs, challenges and lifetime desire to accelerate your growth and potential. This is $280 worth of value alone.

(only available with 12 month subscription)

A 52 Week Personal development program

A weekly email from me, containing guidance and a video of a related subject of personal growth and development. This email will also give you some homework to do, to help you take action to develop your journey further. Regular weekly application of what you need to do to produce results is proven to work.